About Me

He was born on 12 February 1958 in Uşak,

He started with photography in June 1973 in Balıkesir,

In the morning of September 12, 1980 (fascist military coup in Turkey) he had to burn all of his archive,

he completed his military service as a photographer btw 1982/83

In December 1983, he started to work as a professional photographer in Istanbul.

He was the co-founder of “GROUP 9” in 1984.

Between 1986-89, he photographed the interwievs published by author Cezmi ERSÖZ in daily newspaper Cumhuriyet 

In September 1988, he established his own independent studio in Istanbul.

He snaped a few shots for  “PLAYBOY -Türkiye-” 

In March -90 he started to give private photography lessons in his own studio.

In September ’91 he established “UNDERGROUND studio in Kadıköy/İstanbul and started to give advanced photography techniques seminars with Mustafa KOCABAŞI who is currently living in USA .

Starting from 1993, he worked as a set and special photographer for the artist Barış MANÇO for 3 years.

He established Turkey’s first know “PETSTÜDYO” in 1994.

In the meantime, he was not idle, he participeted occasionally in photo shows and exhibitions both single and with the group.

After 1994, he worked as an amateur bartender and bodyguard in some places in Beyoğlu/Istanbul.

In 1997, he closed his Advertising Photography business and opened a cafe called “LUCKY’S” (which is the name of his dog) and devoted himself to the cookery.

He screwed up this job within two years ( we did not tell you even how many jobs he had screwed before)

In 1999 he returned to advertising photography.
In 2001, he left advertising photography for ever.

And he decided to become a wanderer street photographer.

He worked as a volunteer photography instructor for three years at the Children’s Paradise founded by Aziz NESİN in Çatalca / İstanbul.

He worked as a photographer and instructor in various institutions about B/W darkroom and photographic techniques.

In 2003 he released his album “ASSOS” consisting of B / W photographs.

He opened an exhibition under the title “ON THE COAST” in İzmir/Spring 2006  .

In 2006/2007 he made a photographic contribution to the human stories of “And Human” documentary at NTV.

He became the general coordinator in a joint project of The Ministry of Education, NTVMSNB-C and Kodak involving approximately 600 primary school children in 7 regions “Turkey through the eyes of children” in 2007.

However, the end of this great project failed due to not fulfilling of the promises given. Children’s works were not evaluated, exhibitions and albums were not realized.

By the way, he watched, photographed and exhibited every (authorized and unauthorized) actions, before and after the Iraq war, hence he got the nickname “ACTION PHOTOGRAPHER”.

The name of the exhibition was ” YEAR ZERO ”.

Abroad, he traveled and photographed in Benin, Togo, Mali, Burkina Faso, Niger and Ghana in West Africa where he worked on VOODOO

He photographed Thailand, Hong Kong and Laos during his journey to the Far East.

Even in 2009, he had a very serious accident during a photo shoot in tropical jungle in Laos, because of a wildly going elephant.

This accident was recorded as a first in Laos history.
In addition, after the accident, the nick name “FALLING MAN FROM ELEPHANT”  has been added by Mehmet UYARGİL.
Speaking of an accident, he’s had twice an motorcycle accident before.

In 2010, he opened the exhibition dan From India fot, which consists of photographs, the product of his first 2 years in India, in Balıkesir, the city where he started photography.

In 2013, he opened a mixed exhibition called “VERY CLOSE / VERY FAR” due to his 40th anniversary of  photography in Balıkesir.

In fact, there’s a lot to say about him, and there are things that are not yet intentionally said.

Because, as you know, people choose to show the shiny pages of their past into these places.

He chose this way too – but he will also write pages that are not described in the future, and are known as “dark”

He has been living in INDIA since 2009.

Latest information;
He left INDIA, where he has been living since 2009, on 29.06.2014 and started to live in HONG KONG.

Latest information;
Since October 2018 he has been living in AMSTERDAM.